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CSF Dordogne-Sud

The CSF group at Dordogne Sud was formed in 2007 in order to help English speaking people who have been, or are touched by cancer.

Our area covers up to Perigueux in the North, down to Eymet / Villereal in the South, Sarlat in the East and Libourne in the West. If you aren't sure if we cover your area, please get in touch and we will tell you, or direct you to the appropriate association.

It can be daunting to be in a foreign country, faced with serious illness, and not know your way round the French health service, and related complications that may occur. Emotions cancer brings to you and family and friends can be hard to manage alone. We are here to help you deal with problems and obstacles which may appear.

Our Active Listeners are trained to offer support , information and more, including help with language difficulties. Our team is made up of mature, caring people who understand your problems. Support may be offered by phone, email or face to face meetings. Attending Medical appointments with you may be offered if needed. While we do not provide specific medical help, information about services and systems may be available. 

If you or your family wish any further information, please do contact us either by telephone or email.

Local Phone: 05 53 57 43 30.  Email: dordsud-treas@cancersupportfrance.org     We are here to help you.



Who cares ?  We do.

When cancer strikes we are here to share the fear with you, and to help and support you in any way we can.  We have a trained team of listeners to talk to you and support your family and hopefully to guide you through this difficult period for as long as it takes. Everything is totally confidential.


We can come and visit you at home or help with hospital visits. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French; we have French speakers on our team. Remember our team are volunteers and we offer emotional and practical support depending on your needs and wishes.


We cover a large area here in the Dordogne but cancer has no boundaries and we are always at the end of a telephone.  We provide the bridge that is easy to cross between family and friends.


Share and support; even if you have a friend who is worried you can call on his or her behalf and, providing they agree, one of our men or women in the team will be pleased to talk to them.   Our support does not end when we put down the telephone, it can go on for years That is what we are trained to do and we want to share those times when depression, anxiety and tiredness can set in.


Here are just a few examples of the contacts we still have with our clients.


“My husband was in total denial about my cancer but you supported me all through my treatment and another of your team calmed and reassured him”


“When my daughter died of pancreatic cancer at an early age it was so quick and you are helping the rest of the family to deal with the shock and grief”


“When I had a colon cancer you supported me in hospital and when I can home and had to have more treatment. Thank you for visiting me regularly over three years”


“When my wife died you even helped with all the arrangements and still keep in touch with me by e mail even now that I am in the UK”


And so it goes on, if you want to find out more details look at our web site or telephone our local helpline number. Help is always near you and our listeners are here to offer support and share. We are always here to listen to you, so please give us a call.


www.cancersupportfrance.org.  Helpline. 0553 574330